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Don’t bin your old appliance get it fixed.

By , August 18, 2010 3:17 pm

More and more washing machines, dishwashers, cookers and fridges are thrown away when they break down when on most occasions it is something trivial that has caused a breakdown.

The cost to replace a broken down appliances is normally far more expensive than replacing the broken part, plus the damage that all these appliances in landfills is doing to our environment doesn’t bare thinking about.

As you can see from this video of dumped machines that came in to our yard in one day! We NEVER take them to landfill unless parts are not available. You will see towards the end of the video how we not only refurbished all our appliances to a high standard but offer full repairs to all makes and models locally to Worthing and Brighton.
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Why buy a new appliance if you can get it fixed

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By , April 15, 2010 5:14 pm

If you live in Brighton you will know it is a city that has become very environmentally friendly since being made a city. As a washing machine, cooker and fridge repair company we always encourage our customers to think about the long term affects of disposing of broken appliances and replacing for new only if parts are not available or if the model is too expensive to repair.

Worthing and Brighton Washing Machine Repair Company

When washing machines, cookers or fridges break down the parts required are generally low cost but the mindset of the consumer is the labour cost will make it not worth fixing. This does depend on which appliance repair company you call and how they charge for the repair.

At affordable appliances we charge a labour charge of £65 plus parts and in most cases to get a washing machine, cooker or fridge fixed is generally under £100.00 which is much cheaper than purchasing a new appliance.

If customer don’t want to repair their appliances and choose purchase a second hand model we have a large selection of fully refurbished appliances which all come with guarantees for a minimum of 6 months.

With the Green party favourite to win the Brighton constituency it is clear the environment is on many consumers’ minds in 2010. Our motto is “Don’t bin it Fix it”

If you have visited the local tips in Shoreham, Brighton, Hove or Worthing you will see the appliance graveyard for sure. It is shocking to see so many current models being dumped rather than fixed. Yet with a little love and care many appliances could be repaired and go on for many more years.

Business that could refurbish these models are not allowed to take them away from landfills to fix. They could mend and sell on these to people on low income.

If you have a washing machine, cooker or fridge that you feel is not ready for the landfill site then please feel free to contact us for advice. Many people cannot afford to just purchase a new washing machine, cooker or fridge and our refurbished models fill a gap in the marketplace for reconditioned machine

Washing Machine Repairs

Fixing your appliance is kinder to the environment.

By , April 4, 2010 1:17 pm

For everyone local to Brighton and Worthing why not bookmark our website Affordable Appliance Repairs. You never know when your washing machine, cooker or fridge will break down.

Our message at affordable appliances is “Fix it don’t bin it” which means we are passionate about the environment we live in. We have tried to be different to all other appliance repair companies in that we don’t want to sell any parts you don’t need.

Last week we received a call from the Brighton area from a lady who had a horrible knocking noise from her washing machine so we quoted the standard call out charge plus any parts that might be needed. The customer decided that the call out charge plus any parts could be too expensive so visited our sister company and purchase a new washing machine.

When they delivered the washing machine they were asked to take away the old machine away which came back to us for inspection to see if we could refurbish it rather than take it to landfill.

After inspection of the washing machine which was only 16 month only had loose bolts on the weights inside the appliance. This customer spent £389.00 on new machine rather than save money and get it fixed.

This type of scenario we come across everyday when people’s appliances break down. Many consumers feel that a call out charge plus parts is going to be not worth fixing and often make a new purchase rather than call the engineer out.

About 80% of our service calls are minor parts or simple customer errors like blocked filter due to items being left in pockets of trousers or jeans. Why spend money out on a new machine if you can get a further few years out of your appliance.

As much as you try and encourage repairing items like washing machines, cookers or fridges some people just think it’s going to be too expensive.

If you have any problems with your appliances why not call us and save yourself some cash.

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