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Defrosting your fridge freezer – Don’t use an ice pick!

By , October 27, 2010 11:25 am

If you’re considering trying to speed up the defrosting process of your freezer making your own ice pick could ruin your freezer altogether. If you one of the many people that use a hair dryer you could end up electrocuting yourself or even damaging the safety cut outs in the freezer. As a repair specialist on all types of appliances I get many embarrassed and frustrated service related calls from people that wanted to speed up the defrost rather than turn of the freezer and leaving the doors open. Although this process is slow, it is the one that works without damaging the appliance. (Make sure you have plenty of towels to mop up the melted water)

Some people recommend placing a bowl of boiling water in to the freezer compartment and leaving the door shut. As long as you don’t start chipping away with your handmade ice pick you shouldn’t need to call out an engineer or purchase a NEW freezer.
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